Kate Scallen - Instructor


I am a mother, a sister, a daughter, a coach and a friend. I have strength, courage and the ability to make you believe in who you are. I will pull out the inner athlete in you. Come get on the bike, get lost in the music and allow me to challenge you.

Favorite Quote: “The secret of getting ahead is getting started”

What motivates you: My 3 kids

What are you listening to? Maroon 5

IF NOT this then what? A gym on the beach in Southern Cal.

Favorite Movie: Legally Blond

Christina Stuttard - Instructor


Punky, energetic, uber fit, game for almost anything fun loving, gregarious person, who loves to connect people together. She is a big networker, people person with bags of energy!

Favorite Quote: “To change you have to challenge, work outside your comfort zone and distance yourself from negativity.”

What motivates you: My fellow riders

What are you listening to? Halo by LP Live

IF NOT this then what? Chillaxing at home, preparing a delicious meal for my family and friends with a large glass of wine.

Favorite Movie: La La Land

Junior Gutierrez - Instructor


I am a cancer survivor who uses fitness as a means to escape the beautiful struggle of life.

Favorite Quote: “Without struggle there is no progress.”

What motivates you: The challenge of transforming the negative into positive.

What are you listening to? 90’s Hip Hop

IF NOT this then what? Spending time with my family, calisthenics and inverting myself.

Favorite Movie: Wedding Crashers

Stef Sheetz - Instructor


A lifelong fitness junkie, wife, mom, friend and motivator. My classes are challenging but always fun and the music will make you feel like you're dancing on your bike.

Favorite Quote: “Being fit is not a fad, it's a lifestyle.”

What motivates you: My kids and my husband.

What are you listening to? Anything by Jess Glynne.

IF NOT this then what? Teaching Bar Method, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

Favorite Movie: Bridesmaids.

Faith Aronson - Instructor


A Big-Hearted & Fun mom, wife, friend and more. I bring endless amounts of energy to all that I do to stay passionate about life and achieving new goals. I feed off of good vibes!

Favorite Quote: “Be the reason someone smiles today!”

What motivates you: Always looking for the positive in people and situations.

What are you listening to? 90’s Hip Hop.

IF NOT this then what? Spending time with my family and being my kids #1 FAN on their sports’ sidelines! AND always time for laughter with friends.

Favorite Movie: Goodwill Hunting.

Katie Day -Instructor


I am a fun loving mother, wife and friend. Fitness is a huge part of my life. Positive energy, happiness, and my kids are what motivates me every day!

Favorite Quote: “Kindness is the deepest happiness.”

What motivates you: My family, my friends and trying to be the very best version of myself.

What are you listening to? Beyoncé

IF NOT this then what? Being with my family, hanging with my kids, my dog, and chilling on the beach.

Favorite Movie: Something About Mary

Dan Wojnarski - Manager


I'm 32 years old-no kids (straight and single lol)! I've lived in Japan, Hawaii, Vegas and now back home in CT. I am a sports enthusiast and sneaker collector. Full of positive vibes-always happy-always down for an adventure! Share your positive light with others!

Favorite Quote: “Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated.”

What motivates you: The fear of failure.

What are you listening to? Tiesto

IF NOT this then what? Hanging on a beach in Hawaii.

Favorite Movie: Gladiator