About FitCycle Studio

We Ride Hard is not just a meaningless mantra, it’s who we are. We ride hard for our bodies, we ride hard for our minds, and most importantly, we ride hard for each other. Welcome to the most energetic and accepting community of riders in CT. Our goal is to make your workout as enjoyable as possible and get you in the best shape of your life. We can’t wait to see you in class!


Fitcycle FAQ’s

Our bikes allow for riding with special cycling shoes or sneakers. We think the experience is much better in cycling shoes, so we have them for rent at the front desk!
Water is available on the front desk for sale.
We have showers, lockers and bathroom products that are available for all of our riders.
Awesome! We're so glad you decide to ride with us. Expect great music, high energy instructors and a lot of sweat! All of our classes offer a great workout, but some combine different elements to keep things interesting! You can view class descriptions on our schedule page.
Eat something light a few hours prior to class and drink some water leading up to the start. We suggest you arrive 15 minutes early so you can "get in the zone" before start time and to avoid feeling rushed.
Close fitting workout clothes are recommended for cycling classes. Be comfortable, you're going to sweat and work hard.
Yes. It's way more convenient too. Once you have an account you'll be able to manage everything from our website. Booking, buying class packages and viewing your account can all be handled from the Sign in / Log in tab on our site.
Walk-ups are welcome, but registering before class is recommended. This way you can guarantee your spot and even pick which bike you'll be riding on (pro tip: the spots near the fans fill up quick!).


FitCycle Rider Etiquette

1. NO cell phones. If you are expecting an important phone call, please leave your phone with the front desk and we can come get you if necessary.

2. Please leave your bags and coats outside in a cubby or locker. The instructor needs to move around the studio without tripping over your stuff.

3. DO inform the instructor before class starts if you are injured or have a medical condition that may affect your ride.

4. DO tell the instructor before class starts if you have to leave early and please choose a bike close to the door to minimize distraction.

5. DO bring your smiling happy face for us all to enjoy!